You can find a dozen brain health supplements in the market, but most of them contain average quality ingredients. However, your brain needs pro nutrients, potent blends that can up-level your brain health and help you perform faster and better.

Performance Lab Mind Review

Hence, to serve your body and brain with all essential fuel for optimal functioning, check out the Performance Lab Mind. An innovative, premium quality nootropic by Opti Nutra that can bless you with these health benefits. Here is the right time to know about this supplement. So, keep reading this article carefully for your own good. 


Why do we choose the best quality products? Not because they are expensive and you want to show off your high standards of living. Nor that you are a brand-conscious person. We all go for best quality health supplements because we want to safeguard and improve our health. But how do you make a perfect choice? 

Firstly, check out the scientific evidence linked with the specific health product. If the supplier is transparent enough, it will provide a clean label to you. Yeah, we know this is something challenging to find an honest and reliable supplier. But we have something for you. 

Opt Nutra is one such manufacturer and supplier of nootropics that provides clean labels and scientific proofs linked with each ingredient. So, fasten your belts and learn more about their premium quality nootropic, Performance Lab Mind. 

What is Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind Featured

Performance Lab Mind is a brain cognitive-improvement nootropic that supports brain health and recovery. It facilitates numerous benefits for the cognitive functioning of your brain, right from memory to focus. It provides mental clarity and ensures long-term brain health. The patented nutrients added in this nootropic are of excellent quality, plant-based and eco-friendly. This stimulant-free, vegan-friendly nootropic needs a place in your supplement routine. 

Why choose Performance Lab Mind as compared to others in the market? 

This nootropic does not contain GMO, caffeine, synthetic ingredients, gluten, soy and allergens. 

Those who follow ethical and environmentally-friendly practices can surely try Performance Lab Mind supplements. It is also ideal for vegans because it has a 100 per cent natural plant caps. It is also GMP-certified, so all the quality-conscious people out there can try this! 

Other supplement makers utilize proprietary blends with the list of ingredients attached. However, they fail to provide you with the dosage of each ingredient in it. Performance Lab Mind makers provide dosage information with no suspense hidden in it. So, you can take this supplement without any worry in mind. 

Other brands do not conduct safety and identity testing on all ingredients before adding them into the blend. But the makers of Performance Lab Mind conduct multiple lab testing before manufacturing as well as distribution. As a result, all the ingredients in this nootropic are clean, pure, and safe. Also, these ingredients work together on your brain effectively. 

Other brands make false claims and offer you with unrealistic outcomes of the nootropic. However, Performance Lab Mind makers make scientifically-based claims along with the authentic sources. 

Other brands adopt non-sustainable and harsh manufacturing practices. But Performance Lab Mind is made from eco-friendly ingredients. The Plantcaps, as the name suggests, is made from plant-based materials and are infused with prebiotics. Even the distribution is done through sustainable practices. 

How does it work? 

The unique working of Performance Lab Mind is mainly dependent on its two ingredients: Citicoline and phosphatidylserine. Both these ingredients combine perfectly and provide phospholipids to maintain a robust brain structure. This leads to better memory recall, mental clarity and amplified brain performance for individuals of all ages. Of course, it is evidence-backed. 

You can check out the details of these ingredients in the following section. 


Following are the potent ingredients added in Performance Lab Mind supplements: 

This ingredient provides all the necessary energy to your brain for optimum functioning and renewal. It has been scientifically proven that this ingredient increases cell membrane production by 26% and energizes your brain by 13.6%

In a 28-day study, adolescent males observed a noticeable increase in the motor speed and attention levels as compared to the placebo group when 250-500mg of Cognizin was administered to them. 

In a 4-week study, 250mg of Cognizin had an immense effect on the focus and attention of the subjects. There was a considerable decrease in the omission and commission errors in the assigned task. 

It is an important ingredient for brain regeneration, including neurogenesis, plasticity, and neural repair functions. It also ensures brain cell communication, increases brain energy, glucose metabolism, enabling you to focus better. Your abilities to problem-solve and communicate verbally enhance with this patented ingredient. 

It is a synthesizer for your brain chemicals and improves mental processing speed. It also improves memory, enhances cognitive performance levels, and helps you perform under high-pressure times. 

This ingredient is a brain-relaxing and one of the vital essentials for your brain. It facilitates proper blood flow to all the brain cells and tissues. It supports brain cell regeneration and also acts as an antioxidant. 


It improves brain energy levels by stimulating your brain cells so that you remain mentally active throughout the day without fatigue. 

When our brain receives the essential fuel, it works in the best possible manner. Performance Lab Mind ensures adequate blood flow to all the brain components and cells. As a result, your processing component receives oxygen, glucose and nutrients easily

This nootropic enhances focus, concentration and alertness, letting you work in a stressful work environment. You can multitask better and work on projects without hampering your mental health. 

As we age, our memory tends to become weak. Ageing also affects our learning abilities. Even stress can lead to adverse effects. Performance Lab Mind promotes a robust neural structure and helps you memorize and learn more quickly. 


No drawback as such. It is available only on the official website of Opti Nutra, but it is not a concern in this digital age. 

Will it work for me? 

Yes, it will. Performance Lab Mind has been designed in a way that it suits brain requirements of all people such as entrepreneurs and students. 

Does Performance Lab Mind have any Side-Effects? 

No. Performance Lab Mind is the safest nootropic in the market and does not result in any side effects. As it does not contain any harsh stimulants such as coffee, it does not make you jittery. 

However, we would like to give you a word of caution. It is mandatory to approach a physician before taking any new nootropic, including Performance Lab Mind. If you are having any health concerns, or are taking any medications, or are taking certain stimulants, then you are supposed to seek the guidance of a qualified physician beforehand. 

Top 5 Reasons to Try

Wondering for reasons to buy Performance Lab Mind? Here we go! 

  1. Performance Lab Mind adopts a Clean Approach

    This supplement is free from all artificial additives. It is also suitable for those who have gluten or soy intolerance. So, it becomes a valid reason for most of us to try this nootropic. 

  2. Performance Lab Mind is an Energy-Giver with no side effects 

    This nootropic not only energizes you but also helps you focus and memorize better. The plus point is that it does not give you any side effects, not even jittery feelings that caffeine does. So, ditch that caffeine-loaded nootropics and switch to this science-backed one. 

  3. Performance Lab Mind is Suitable for Everyone

    You could be an entrepreneur, or an artist, or a working professional. Performance Lab Mind helps everyone, despite the profession. You can reap loads of brain health benefits with this high-quality nootropic

  4. Performance Lab Mind is much Affordable 

    Yes, it is science-backed, but it will not burn your pocket. The suppliers have set the price of this supplement, keeping in mind the customer requirements and budget. So, go for a try without causing a dent to your pocket. 

  5. Performance Lab Mind has a Money-Back Guarantee 

    Even if you try and are disappointed with this nootropic, your money will be refunded, provided you follow the terms and conditions. So, no fear of losing money; a trial is mandatory! 


“I have tried two nootropics in the past, and the results were not good enough. I have always felt a lack of research and evidence on the part of the suppliers. When I came across the official website of Performance Lab Mind, I was completely impressed. They have provided all the details of the research, the ingredients and their exclusive quality background. I understood why other nootropics fail to provide the desired effect and why Performance Lab Mind is superior to others. I am a regular consumer of this supplement, and I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues. I have gained better memory recall, sleep and concentration due to this research-backed nootropic.” 

“I had a lot of problems in sleep, memory and concentration. I did meditation and yoga, but it didn’t help me much. Of course, yoga was peaceful for my mind, but my brain didn’t gain much out of it. So, I tried Performance Lab Mind when a good friend of mine suggested me the same. It didn’t give any side effects, not even a headache. I loved the structure of their website and how they provide comprehensive details to the new customers. I loved this nootropic, and it is my companion in the brain health journey.”

What is the Price of Performance Lab Mind? 

A bottle of 30 capsules of Performance Lab Mind is priced at $50.00, which is much more reasonable than other nootropics in the market. Check out the Bulk Saving Packs and Offers from below:

QuantityRetail PriceOffer Price
1 Bottle: (30 Caps) $50.00$50.00
2 Bottles: (60 Caps)$100$95.00
3 Bottles: (90 Caps)$150$135.00
4 Bottles: (120 Caps)$200$180
Where to Buy Performance Lab Mind?Visit Performance Lab Mind Official Website.
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Note: The Product offers FREE Shipping Facilities all across the globe on orders above $200.


So, Performance Lab Mind is a superior quality supplement that provides safety, efficacy and nutritional value to the customers. It adopts a clean-label formula and also offers nutritional integrity to the supplement industry. If you are searching for a safe, hygienic and high-quality nootropic, then Performance Lab Mind is the answer. 


For whom is Performance Lab Mind suitable? 

Answer: Performance Lab Mind is highly suitable for students, working people, entrepreneurs, people with a creative mind, competitive persons, athletes and those who want to concentrate on their work and seek brain performance benefits. 

What is the recommended dosage of Performance Lab Mind supplements? 

Answer: It is recommended to consume 1-2 capsules a day with lunch. Daily usage is advisable. 

Are there any dietary restrictions while consuming Performance Lab Mind? 

Answer: No. A person does not have to follow any specific diet. However, it is recommended to consume dietary fats such as coconut oil for better absorption of the supplement nutrients in the body. 

Is Performance Lab Mind clean? 

Answer: Yes. Performance Lab Mind is free from GMO, gluten, soy, artificial colors and preservatives, and harmful additives. 

Does Performance Lab Mind contain caffeine? 

Answer: Performance Lab Mind does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine. It does not give you jittery and crash feelings but keeps you alert. 

Are there any racetams in Performance Lab Mind? 

Answer: No. Racetams are not adequately backed by research, and hence, the makers of Performance Lab Mind have not added them in this nootropic. 

How soon is the package shipped to the customer? 

Answer: The package is shipped within 24 hours of the order time. 

Is there any money-back scheme provided by the company? 

Answer: Yes. A 30-day risk-free money-back scheme is provided by the company. 

Is there any customer support available? 

Answer: Yes. Friendly and timely customer support is available 24/7.