Your brain is calling for something. It’s food. It’s fuel. It’s nutrition. And if you want to supply the right nutrients to your brain, then we have something interesting for you. We have a unique formulation, loaded with brain health-improving nutrients that can fortify your brain from within. So, let’s get started with your brain health journey with this article.


Our human brain is considerably complex. However, the nootropics industry fail to cover its dimensions and do not offer a comprehensive supplement for our nutritional needs. As a result, people refrain from consuming nootropics, assuming that does not suffice for the brain’s nutritional requirements. 

However, this is not completely true. It is a plight that most of the nootropics fail to cover the complexities of the human brain, but we have a unique nootropic that can do a wonderful job. 

Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro does not have any limitations. It is not only botanical but also wholly pure. It supports not only memory but also helps gain better focus. It emphasizes the complete potential of your brain and takes it to the next level. It optimizes all the pathways present in the human brain, and so, it makes it unique from other supplements. 

What is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro Featured

Mind Lab Pro is a 100 per cent Brain Power nootropic that focuses on all the brain’s pathways and optimizes and amplifies brain functioning. It caters to both short-term and long-term brain health and functioning. 

It fulfils the brains’ requirements on a daily basis and even on an hourly basis. So, it could be an event in the next month, or a presentation to be done today afternoon, Mind Lab Pro will be there to double up your brain performance. 

Why choose Mind Lab Pro over other memory boosting pills in the market? 

Other nootropics focus only on concentration and not on memory or vice versa. But Mind Lab Pro is versatile. It is comprised of 11 scientifically proven ingredients that enrich your brain from within. These ingredients are in optimal dosages, potent, and high-quality vitamins. 

Other manufacturers do not disclose the list of ingredients on the label. They even add artificial substances in the supplement and hide it from the customers. However, the makers of Mind Lab Pro provide us with a clean label. No proprietary blends are added in this supplement. No pointless ingredients. No meaningless promises are made by the supplier. 

These supplements are safer, legal, and more effective than other brain health supplements in the market. Also, Mind Lab Pro is vegan, free from gluten, allergens, and caffeine. No banned substances are added in it. It is soy-free and GMO-free. All these reasons make it unique from other nootropics. 

Mind Lab Pro supplements are tested and proven in clinical labs. Evidence is available to check its authenticity. Also, it is validated by third parties. It is difficult to find such evidence concerning other nootropics and so, believing in their quality is a challenging task. So, better pick up the nootropic that is research-backed and has complete evidence. 

How does it work? 

The 11 highly-potent ingredients target six brain pathways and provide your brain with the desired nutrition and impact. Following is the gist of the effect: 

Brain Chemistry Mind Lab Pro amplifies processing speed of details, improves mood and focus, motivates a person and optimizes memory. 
Brain Energy It energizes your brain, facilitates quick thinking, and fights against mental fatigue or confusion. 
Brain Regeneration It sustains, regenerates and fortifies brain cells for better and faster growth of the same. 
Brain Circulation It oxygenates the brain cells, removes unwanted substances, and supplies essential nutrients to all the brain components. 
Brain Protection As it fights against toxins, it safeguards the brain from any structural changes or degradation. 
Brain Waves It enables brain waves to help you create something new, learn or be productive all the time. 

Thus, all the ingredients work on the pathways, mental performance areas using the Universal Nootropic Formula Strategy. 


We have presented the ingredients and its significance in the following table. 

It is the brain pathway-optimizing ingredient. It energizes your brain, improves focus, memory and alertness. 
It promotes brain cells membranes and is a soy-free and eco-friendly ingredient. 
Lion’s Mane Mushroom 
It facilitates better nerve growth factor. It regenerates brain cells, improves memory and mood, and promotes brain health. 
Bacopa Monnieri 
It helps you learn new things, promotes brain synthesis and blood circulation in the brain. It also relaxes your brain. 
Suntheanine L-Theanine 
It reduces jittery feelings and proves a ‘wakeful relaxation’ feeling in the brain. 
Rhodiola Rosea 
It optimizes mind performance during stressful situations. E.g. Public speaking or responding in a client meeting. 
It enables you to multi-task and perform better during high-pressure activities. 
Maritime Pine Bark Extract 
It promotes blood circulation in the brain. 
Vitamin B6
It supports synthesis and proper utilization of all the brain chemicals. 
Vitamin B9
It balances and improves your mood by harnessing the chemicals. 
Vitamin B12 
It promotes the brain’s metabolic activities and protects nerves. 


The 100 per cent Brain Power nootropic, Mind Lab Pro supports all kinds of cognitive processing functions of your brain as follows: 

  1. Mind Lab Pro helps a student to study and learn new concepts. It also helps working people to learn new skills despite their age and busy schedules

  2. It facilitates better processing speed of information

  3. It helps you think creatively and also on abstract ideas

  4. It relaxes your mind and improves your mood, even when you return home after a tiring day. 

  5. It helps you appear for exams or presentations with full confidence

  6. It enhances memory recall capabilities. 

  7. It enables you to communicate better without fumbling at all. 

  8. It helps you to perform strategic thinking and come up with out-of-box ideas

  9. It improves your alertness, focus and concentration skills so that you can perform effectively. 

  10. It motivates you to work and follow your passion


There is no drawback as such. You will have to check whether it is in stock or not. We would recommend you to buy bulk packages to run out of stock and keep the consumption ongoing. 

Will it work for me? 

Yes, if you are an athlete, a working professional or an entrepreneur, or a student, Mind Lab Pro will surely work for you no matter what your age is. Also, if you experience brain fog or mental congestion problems, then you can seek the help of Mind Lab Pro supplements without a hassle. 

Does Mind Lab Pro have any Side effects? 

Since Mind Lab Pro is free from all artificial additives, it does not result in any side effects. It is safe and convenient to consume these supplements. It does not matter whether you are a full-time student or an entrepreneur or a working professional; it will always work safely for you. 

Few customers have experienced a mild headache in the initial days of this supplement consumption. But no worries, it remains only for a few days. However, if you experience severe headache, then you ought to contact your doctor immediately. 

Our best tip is to consult your doctor before trying Mind Lab Pro so that you can avoid future chaos. You might be suffering from any allergies or any health diseases, and so, it is better to seek confirmation from a qualified doctor. 

Top 5 reasons to buy 

Find out the top five reasons why you should try Mind Lab Pro supplements:

  1. Mind Lab Pro is 100 per cent Pure

    Mind Lab Pro is the cleanest supplement as it contains no artificial additives. It is comprised of potent nootropic nutrients, is vegan-friendly and eco-friendly as well. 

  2. Mind Lab Pro is well-known for its Premium Quality Ingredients 

    The ingredients used in Mind Lab Pro are fresh, sourced from reliable suppliers, and grown in the hygienic, botanical environment. Only brain-inducing ingredients are added in this supplement; no random additives. 

  3. Mind Lab Pro is a Superior Brain Optimizer 

    This supplement has unique capacities to optimize brain functioning, perform better mentally, process information and learn new things faster. This is the vital reason why one should try Mind Lab Pro supplements. 

  4. Mind Lab Pro is Reasonable

    What is the price of not responding properly in meetings? Or not performing well in exams or a public speaking contest? How do you feel when you are not promoted? Instead of answering these questions, it is better to try Mind Lab Pro and seek its mental performance benefits.

  5. Try the Reputed Brand 

    The supplier of Mind Lab Pro is transparent enough to list out all the ingredients on the label of itself. They do disclose everything to the customers. And this is another reason why you should try this genuine brand. 


Let us check out what the happy customers of Mind Lab Pro are saying. 

“I was suffering from brain fog for the last two years. Mind Lab Pro helped me to clear my mind and let me focus better. Now, I can function properly and am productive in my workplace.”

“Mind Lab Pro is simply amazing. However, in the beginning, it gave me a slight headache but soon I got used to the supplement. I would suggest you drink sufficient amount of water while taking this supplement. Also, consult your doctor beforehand as I did.”

“I purchased Mind Lab Pro for my daughter, and now she can concentrate well in her studies. She also recalls better than earlier.”

“I had a problem while responding to meetings, discussions and conferences. I would be numb when someone asked me questions. Mind Lab Pro helped me to clear the mental fog that I had and now, I am productive and highly responsive. I am not even nervous while public speaking.”

“It has been only one week that I am using Mind Lab Pro supplements, but I am already feeling proactive and focused. I will update with a detailed review soon.”

What is the Price of Mind Lab Pro?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted on the website, and you can also make payments through PayPal. 

1-Month Supply (One Box) $65.00 (+shipping and handling) 
2-Month Supply (Two Boxes) 
$130.00 (+shipping and handling) 
3-Month Supply (Three Boxes + 1 Box Free) 
$195.00 (+Free Worldwide Shipping) 
Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro?Visit the Mind Lab Pro Official Website.
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So, Mind Lab Pro is an exclusive brain health supplement that can amplify brain-optimized tasks. It is truly the ultimate premium form of nootropics which contains potent, active and bioavailable ingredients to help you focus and concentrate better at your place. 


1. Within how many days will I notice the effects of Mind Lab Pro? 

Answer: It is recommended to wait for at least 30 days to experience the changes of Mind Lab Pro. 

2. What is the recommended dosage of Mind Lab Pro?

Answer: 2 capsules in the morning or the afternoon. You can take the dosage to 4 capsules when you are supposed to appear for an exam, a meeting or an athletic event. 

3. Does Mind Lab Pro require cycling? 

Answer: Yes. After four weeks of usage, you can take one week off. Or you can even take it for five days and then take two days off. 

4. I am taking certain prescribed medications. Can I take Mind Lab Pro?

Answer: Please consult your doctor before starting Mind Lab Pro or any new supplement to avoid interactions. 

5. Is Mind Lab Pro a legal nootropic? 

Answer: Yes. It is also free from banned substances, and so, it can be used by athletes as well. 

6. Is Mind Lab Pro vegan-friendly? 

Answer: Of course, yes. All the ingredients vegan and these are 100 per cent natural Plant caps. 

7. Is Mind Lab Pro an eco-friendly product? 

Answer: All the bottles in which Mind Lab Pro capsules are placed are 100 per cent recyclable. The shipping boxes and packing papers are also eco-friendly. 

8. Do you provide free samples of Mind Lab Pro?

Answer: No. The company does not provide any freebies to its customers. 

9. Does the company offer a money-back guarantee? 

Answer: Yes, a 60-day money-back guarantee is offered by the company. 

10. Is Mind Lab Pro available on Amazon or any retail store? 

Answer: No, due to certain reasons, Mind Lab Pro is not available on Amazon. You can make purchases on the official website of the supplement with ease. 

11. How can I contact the customer service team?

Answer: You can either fill up the contact form given on the website or shoot out an email to the given address. 

12. Where are Mind Lab Pro supplements made? 

Answer: The designing and formulation of Mind Lab Pro are done in the United Kingdom. But the manufacturing facility is located in New Jersey, USA. 

13. Is fast shipping available? 

Answer: Yes. The product offers Fast worldwide shipping is available