Gone are the days when people were dependent only on food for fortifying their bodily systems. Due to the advancement in the health supplement industry, various kinds of supplements are coming up. If you want to lose weight, then you have a weight loss supplement. If you want to gain some pounds, go for a weight gain supplement. Feeling low levels of energy? Get an energy booster quickly. If you want to improve your intimate life, then opt for a male or female enhancement supplement. 

Hold on! What about the brain? Does your brain need any supplement? If you are curious to know about what is a brain enhancement supplement, then here we are for your assistance.

Nootrogen Review

A nootropic is a kind of health supplement that fuels your brain with the requisite amount of energy to perform the necessary routine activities that are of cognitive nature. One of the best nootropics supplements is Nootrogen. Let us learn more about it. 

What is Nootrogen?

Nootrogen Featured

Nootrogen refers to the ultimate formulation in the nootropic stacks and is comprised of clinically proven, potent ingredients. It is one of the leading nootropics to enhance your brain speed, concentration and focus level without relying on stimulants. 

If you want to improve your memory, focus along with relaxed feelings, then Nootrogen is the perfect blend. Most of the supplements target on the cognitive functions, enabling you to learn faster and quicker. However, Nootrogen is an exception and also promotes relaxation to the mind. Hence, your brain works better and also remains calm during the process. 

How does it work?


Following are the key natural ingredients contained in Nootrogen supplements:

DMAE improves mood, increases mental functionality and cognitive processing that takes place in the brain. When you consume DMAE, the levels of choline in the blood and the brain increases and thereby increases the formation of acetylcholine, a significant neurotransmitter


It improves mental concentration and focuses. Glutamic acid is biochemically utilized for promotion of neurotransmitter activity in the brain, primarily acetylcholine. It also increases the neurotransmitters namely, glycine and gamma-aminobutyric acid. 


It works on both aspects: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It is the only ingredient that causes an impact on the motor component of the somatic nervous system. This ingredient improves reflexive attention, enabling you to focus on a single task without any distractions. It also increases your response speed, allowing you to take wise actions quickly. 


It is a catalyst that activates the nerve pathways linked with synaptic plasticity. It also maximizes your speed of learning and memory and other brain processes. A potent form of magnesium known as magnesium sulphate improves the neuro-receptors related with the synaptic plasticity and its overall efficiency. 


Also known as Niacin, this ingredient reduces the possibilities of ineffective brain functions. It reduces the recurring symptoms of headaches, foggy mind, improper sleep patterns, poor memory recall, mood swings, and slow response speed


Studies related to the significance of Vitamin B5 have witnessed that it can regulate the hormonal levels in a person’s brain. It also reduces levels of stress and anxiety in a person, relaxing your mind to a great extent. As hormone levels and alertness are co-related, Vitamin B5 also plays an important role in fighting against fatigue, tiredness, thereby enabling concentration. 


Vitamin B6 is of great value and is closely connected to the brain development and its cognitive abilities. It is true that more clinical studies are necessary to prove the connection between Vitamin B6 and brain development. But we cannot deny the fact that if a person is deficient in Vitamin B6, then it can lead to unhealthy and poor cognitive functions in the brain. 


Commonly used in nootropics supplements, bacopa extract is a natural herb that facilitates healthy functioning of the brain, particularly of the neural pathways contained in the brain. It is an effective treatment for people who suffer from poor attention and hyperactivity disorders. 

Thus, these naturally extracted and essential ingredients play an important role in the working of the supplement itself. Since most of the ingredients are backed with a scientific research link, you can check each one of them and know more about the ingredients in a better way. 

Why opt for Nootrogen over other brands Nootropic Cognitive Enhancers?


The numerous benefits of Nootrogen for you are enumerated as follows:

The Nootrogen formulation accelerates cognitive well-being and improves the brain components that are responsible for a good memory. In order to gain these benefits, a certain process takes place in the brain known as synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity refers to the ability of your brain to retain the current neuropathways. It also allows you to learn and store new information in the brain. 


Yes. We need concentration and focus the way we need our phone and connectivity. But how to gain it rightly? A medication will surely help. Nootrogen is such a medication that is infused with the essential vitamins and extracts such as green tea and bacopa. It increases alertness, helps you concentrate and enables mental clarity to improve productivity. 


Ingredients such as the bacopa extract have been shown in clinical studies to increase the cognitive function of the brain. You can perform memory recall in an effective manner and the overall drops in anxiety level gradually. 


The Nootrogen supplements are also comprised of an amino acid known as L-Theanine. This ingredient reduces tension, anxiety, worry and promotes relaxation feelings. Hence, if you are supposed to appear for a test or speaking in front of an audience, Nootrogen will relax your resulting feelings of anxiety and fear, enabling you to focus on what you are supposed to deliver.

Does Nootrogen have any Side Effects? 

Since Nootrogen is made out of safe and herbal ingredients, it is safe and does not result in any side effects. In case you want to be completely safe while consuming these supplements, then it is advisable to discuss with your healthcare expert. He or she will be the right person to advise you whether Nootrogen is suitable for you or not. 

Top 5 Reasons to Try Nootrogen

You need to buy Nootrogen for the following 5 reasons:

  1. A nootropic without prescription: Many health supplements require a doctor’s prescription as they contain harsh chemicals. But Nootrogen is a combination of natural ingredients that do not tamper with your health. You do not have to seek a prescription to buy it. 

  2. Clinically researched ingredients: The key ingredients such as DMAE, glutamic acid and acetylcholine are included in this supplement. 

  3. Less delivery time: The supplements you order will be delivered to your home within least possible time. 

  4. Affordable prices: Nootrogen supplements are priced at affordable rates. 

  5. A perfect stack for your multi-vitamin tablet: If you are consuming a multi-vitamin tablet and wish to stack it with a brain improvement supplement, then Nootrogen is the best choice. 

Will it work for me?

Yes. Nootrogen is meant for everyone, including yourself. In case you want to be more productive, get rid of mental lethargy, eradicate foggy mind, and become a multi-tasking expert, then Nootrogen is created, especially for you. No matter what your age is, you could be in your 40s or 50s, Nootrogen will still be your companion by your side in enriching your brain. 

If you do not have any medical issues, are depending heavily on coffee and stimulants to increase alertness, then skip your current routine and add a supplement such as Nootrogen in it. You will receive great benefits, we promise. 


When Karen tried to concentrate for a longer period of time, she used to feel restless. In addition to this, she suffered from insomnia at night. But with Nootrogen, she can sleep better and concentrate on her work, without any feelings of uneasiness. 

Sabrina is a regular consumer of a multivitamin tablet and a protein shake. However, she found that this supplementation is not enough. She lacked the ability to concentrate, focus, maintain alertness and hence, she opted for Nootrogen supplements for a trial. Nootrogen acted as a good stacking supplement along with the existing ones. Her ability to concentrate and focus increased. Her cognitive powers were also enhanced in due course of time. 

Within a few weeks, Jimmy experienced increased levels of focus and better sleep at night. As he was dependent on coffee for being alert, he couldn’t sleep at night. But with Nootrogen, he stopped consuming coffee in the evening and became happier and productive. He is placing an order again this week as he is extremely pleased with the outcomes. He would like to recommend this supplement. 

What is the Price of Nootrogen?

QuantityRetail PriceOffer PriceSavings
Buy 1 Bottle:$29.95$29.95
Buy 2 Bottles:$59.90$52.96Save $6.94
3 Bottles + Get 1 Free:$119.80$78.96 + 1 Free Bottle. $40.84
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Quick Summary

Conclusively, Nootrogen has enough scientific evidence to get the first-hand evidence of its benefits. Without any doubt in mind, you can place an order for this supplement today. Incorporate a nootropic in your routine and enrich your brain, the vital organ in your body. 

Purpose of NootrogenThe primary purpose of Nootrogen is to enhance memory recall, focus and de-stress your brain by relaxing the nerves. 
Recommended Dosage You are required to take 2 capsules of this supplement on a daily basis. You can divide the dosage by taking one capsule in the afternoon and another one in the evening. You can even consult your doctor for the recommended dosage instructions in case you are suffering from any health concern. 
Benefits The main benefit of Nootrogen is to optimize and enhance the brain function, transforming you into a productive and healthy person. 
Brand Name Vita Balance Limited 
Price 1 Bottle of Nootrogen capsules – $29.95
2 Bottles of Nootrogen capsules – $52.96
3 Bottles of Nootrogen + One Free – $78.96
Does a person need a doctor’s prescription to buy Nootrogen supplements?No. A doctor’s prescription is not needed in order to buy Nootrogen supplements. 
How many servings are contained in one bottle of Nootrogen?
One bottle of Nootrogen consists of 60 capsules. It means total 30 servings are contained in a bottle of Nootrogen. 
How soon can a person receive the package of supplements?USPS – Standard – 3-4 business days 
USPS – Second Day – 1-2 business days 
USPS/DHL – International – 9-12 business days 
Is international delivery option available?Yes. The company provides delivery to almost 47 countries across the world. One can check out the list of countries in the first step of the checkout process. 
Are gift cards accepted as a valid form of payment?No. Gift cards are not accepted as a valid form of payment. 
Where to Buy Nootrogen?Visit Nootrogen Official Website.